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Valentines Shmalentines.

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So, what does everyone have plannea97f6f9baa7c91c1c9185117d24ba323d for Valentine’s Day?

For me, a heart shaped pizza & a bottle of your cheapest wine (the essentials) will suffice.

What can I say, I’m a low maintenance kind of gal.

I feel like when you’re in a long term relationship, Valentines day isn’t significant anymore – especially when your boyfriend treats you like a princess every day of the year (if he doesn’t, ditch him.)

Personally, I think if you need a silly holiday that consists of overpriced flowers and heart shaped chocolates to justify your relationship, you have bigger problems.

Singles Awareness Day

To all of my single ladies, chocolate binges and pity parties are acceptable (why not? we’ve all been there.)

WHATEVER you do, don’t lye naked on the floor, with a bottle of vodka in hand, while screaming Adel songs to your cat(s).

A list of what to do & what not to do on this dreadful and overrated holiday:

  1. Give thanks for the ones that got away – they did you a favor.
  2. Don’t feel sorry for yourself – you’re better than that.
  3. Don’t drunk dial your Exes – it’s never as good of an idea as you think.
  4. Don’t be ashamed of being single – you just haven’t met the one that makes your heart happy (and thats ok.)
  5. Throw an anti-Valentines Day party – misery loves company & you can’t finish all that bought wine by yourself (just kidding, you probably could.)


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Now, for all of you ladies with high expectations of what your boyfriends/fiances/husbands are going to do for you… why not switch it up and surprise them with something special? Let’s not be selfish.

Last year, after endlessly searching Pinterest, I bought my boyfriend new Nikes with a note attached saying “You walked into my life and made me realize why it never worked out with anyone else.” Corny? Yes. But it’s all about the thought and preparation you put into it – even the men need to feel appreciated!

That being said, I took the liberty to search Pinterest for what I think is one of the best DIY gifts to make for your man (remember, it’s the thought that counts.) Keep it cute & easy!

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