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“A Beacon Of Hope”

For those of you who don’t already know (which is probably all of you) as part of the service learning aspect of my advanced public relations class, I am working closely with a non-profit charitable organization, David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation.

During the course of this semester, my team and I will be hosting several events on campus and a charity concert off campus, in order to raise funds for this more than deserving foundation.

David Caldarella, the founder and CEO of the organization is both inspiring and motivational. David is a stage IV head and neck cancer survivor and since winning his battle, has dedicated his life to helping others fight this terrible disease.

Donations are used towards a maltitude of services for the family battling a cancer diagnosis including financial assistance for medications, treatments, transportation, rent, mortgage and utility bills. David spends most of his time being with these families and has been an amazing support person in all of their lives.

Cancer is something very near and dear to my heart. I think we can all sympathize, as Cancer is a disease that has probably affected all of us in some way shape or form… whether it was family, a friend or just someone close to your heart.

Thank you in advance for the support – anything you can donate means the world and will truly serve as a life-changing contribution! http://davidsdreamandbelieve.org/donations/


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