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Conflict With the Refugee Crisis.


5805697a04b3540669b53da71160c638.jpgThis Syrian refugee mumbo jumbo has me mind blown. Why would we provide housing and jobs to 10,000 (+) refugees when we can’t even provide that for our own people?

Lets start with local numbers. Statistic show, roughly 12,000 New Jerseyans were counted as homeless last year. What about our country as a whole? Over 578,424 Americans reported homelessness last year. Let that sink in. Now, lets discuss our veteran situation – The brave men and women who put their lives on the line, day in and day out. Nearly 50,000 vets reported homeless. Yet, you all think it’s wise to welcome these syrian refugees with arms wide open? Sure, we’ll give you this, and we’ll give you that and we’ll make ridiculous promises that we can’t keep and then you’ll end up on the streets, too. Does that sound enticing?

ca5707579333ca80e120b6ff3b71701c.jpgIn wake of the most recent events in Paris, what about the thousands of Islamic extremists that are being smuggled into our countries as “refugees?” I hate to bring it there, but it’s the frightening truth. Islamic State extremists are taking advantage of developed nations’ generosity towards refugees to infiltrate our countries. The ISIS gunmen use local smugglers to blend in and travel amongst a huge tide of illegal migrants flooding Europe… What’s next? America? Are we blind and in denial  or just stupid? C’mon!

I’m not a heartless nitwit… I understand these people are fleeing their country, because they’re scared and in danger. I have the utmost sympathy for them. It’s heartbreaking. It’s terrible and horrifying and no one should have to go through it. BUT, how are we supposed to help them when we can’t even help ourselves?

With that being said, why don’t we focus on our problems before we try and fix everyone else’s? Lets fix our home front, first and foremost.

Ponder that, Obama.

11 thoughts on “Conflict With the Refugee Crisis.

  1. Perhaps this IS one of our problems…


      • Namely, assuming that because something is happening outside our own borders, it isn’t our problem.


      • Not once did I say it wasn’t our problem. This has progressively become an issue for many countries. I simply suggested we need to fix our own problems within and work our way out. If we can’t help American citizens, how can we help Syrian refugees?


      • I quote: “With that being said, why don’t we focus on our problems before we try and fix everyone else’s?” Which suggests that this is not “our problem.”

        I’m not trying to be rude, and it’s okay that we not agree completely. I also understand what you’re saying. I simply worry that we don’t sometimes appreciate the extent to which the global society (which we started, by the way–Coke, Wal-Mart, McD’s, etc.) has created a situation in which it’s all everyone’s problem, and helping the woman across the world is every bit as important as helping the guy across the street.

        I agree: there are a number of ways in which we fail to make things better here in the US. We need, for example, to do something for our own homeless citizens. We also need to figure some way to provide healthcare to all those who don’t have it. And a way to talk across the political aisle again. And so many other things, from education to economics and back again. But surely “the greatest nation on earth” is capable of tackling problems on more than one front at a time…

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      • Well, I respect your opinion, but I guess we just have to agree to disagree 🙂

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      • I agree.

        But that’s okay. I disagree with a lot of awesome people. :0)

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  2. I wonder if situations were reversed n it was ” the greatest nation on earth ” who required help for millions of our people, I would be most curios to see the rush of compassion n outpouring of help, that we are known for.. It’s classic though. You can rise to the occasion every time, but the ONE time you may have to withhold or proceed w caution, you are resented n all past acts of kindness are totally forgotten .Typical.

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  3. Nicely said, we definately have some work to do in our own backyards first.

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