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Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

0c007ecf3049c918622a51dec1f50fa3There are so many things to be said about Bruce Jenner. When I think of Bruce, the words inspiration, bravery, strength, and courage are what come to mind.

To start things off, this probably isn’t going to be my last controversial post, but it’s definitely my first. Therefore, while we are all entitled to our own precious opinions, if you feel differently or disagree with what I have to say, I would greatly appreciate you refraining from making rude and outlandish comments.

Carrying around a secret your whole life has to be exhausting (mentally, emotionally, and physically). I couldn’t imagine living a lie, hiding behind a persona, running from the truth and what feels right. I really just can’t imagine not being myself.

ff29555a11270f0c08cd9989674eb779As I sit here and watch the first installment of E’s ‘About Bruce’, I’m all hopped up on emotions. I can’t help but have so much empathy for not only Bruce, but his family. If you’re not familiar with what ‘About Bruce’ is, it’s a two-part E special that uncovers the story behind how Bruce broke the news of his transition to his family.

Now, I am not a part of the “Kardashian Klan.” On the contrary, I find them to be repulsive, BUT I’m not turned off by how supportive, understanding and sensitive they seem to have been throughout Bruce’s journey. I’m sure they are full of questions, as any curious and protective child would be, but they are taking it like champs and you have to give them kudos for that. It’s not going to be easy, but at least they have each other.635587326593977924-bruce-2

I hate the word burden and I don’t think it’s very fitting in a situation like this, but in the episode, Bruce mentioned the process of transgender as being a burden on his family. Can I just say, to anyone who feels a similar way, you are not a burden and don’t ever think that way. You are a human being and your life can be rich, full, complete, fulfilling, and meaningful on that basis alone. You are not broken, defective, or lesser. Don’t believe anyone who tells you so, whether explicitly or implicitly. 

You may not agree with what Bruce is doing or how he has gone about it, but you have to commend him for his bravery. It takes amazing courage to come out at all, but Bruce came out in the spotlight. Bruce is an American hero, a gold medal Olympian and a reality television father. For Bruce Jenner to come out to the public, in front of all the cameras, to spread awareness and empower others… it’s an extraordinary thing.

It’s important to have respect for others, from one human being to another. People tend to be closed-minded. Lets all start to embrace difference, without being so quick to judge. It just goes to show that we are all battling something. Let’s love each other and love ourselves.

“It’s like having Bruce, with a little icing on the cake. It only gets better.”


Kylie Jenner Challenge Gone Wrong.

I woke up this morning completely unaware that this was even a ‘thing’. I’m literally sitting here laughing out loud, in a combination of disgust and amusement, watching the twits of America participate in such a mindless activity (The Kylie Jenner Challenge). Like, what is your life?

75d751f9a131cb20e75e4a2239f95ea7Take a good look at the before and after. Kylie Jenner has obviously had lip injections and is for whatever reason ashamed to admit it. That’s not a magical lip liner and she’s certainly not sucking her lips into a shot glass, everyday. Morons. 

If you take part in the Kylie Jenner Challenge, you deserve those big, ugly, bruised lips. What did you expect to happen, anyway?

The Kardashians are a plague on society and anyone who follows them is not only spiritually dead, but brain dead.

Ya’ll need jesus.

Point being: Stop trying to look like a washed up celebrity. Just love who you are… Every last bit of yourself!