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When in Nashville…

11265235_10153873207263747_1307861142465460207_nI just got back from an incredible trip to Nashville, TN & I can’t stop bragging about it! I’ve only been home for 3 short days and I’m already reminiscing, wishing I could go back! Maybe it was the never-ending country music, maybe it was the savory food, maybe it was getting to see my brother… 

Nashville is a must see city! There are so many things to do and so much to see. Not to mention, people down south are so friendly and charming! I mean, I am from Jersey, so any glimpse of kindness is a breath of fresh air. Fact: People from Jersey are rude.

First of all, if you love country music, like myself, imagine being able to enjoy live country music 24/7. On almost every corner, there’s a bar filled with hopeful musicians trying to make it in Music City alongside agents, business people, and tourists taking it all in. There’s even live country music at the airport! Nashville is the home of country music, so this probably isn’t a surprise, right? Be on the look out, you never know who you’re gonna run into!

The best way to get around is through Uber! If you’re not familiar with Uber, Uber is practically your ride on-demand. So, it’s a credible app that you download and link to your debit/credit card and the app will conveniently show you all of the near-by drivers, what they drive, and their Uber rating, along with a picture. It even lets you track them, so you know when they will be there to pick you up! Best of all? Their prices are both clear and fair. I highly suggest you use this service! Also, if you’re not sure where to go, just say Broadway street! You won’t be disappointed. 

If you’ve never been to Nashville, allow me to fill you in on the go-to’s! I hope this helps all of you future Nashville go’ers! I can’t wait to go back myself!

11206963_10153873206038747_1607818143324838628_nTop 5 places to eat & drink:

  1. Acme: You can’t go wrong here. Although we didn’t pick at any food, the view was to die for! What’s better than sitting on a rooftop, feet up, beer in hand, just taking in the beautiful scenery? Did I mention it’s situated on the water? Seriously though, you have to go!
  2. Rock bottom: Conveniently located right next to Acme! Again, what’s better than drinking on a roof? I challenge you. This place even home makes their own beer… Need I say more? The views are breathtaking and the atmosphere is very chill!
  3. Broadway Brew house: Ok, this place is nothing short of amazing! 3 words… Big daddy burrito! This burrito was the size of my head and I finished every last bite. So good that we came back the next night and I repeated my order! Yum. Highly recommended!
  4. Wild Horse saloon: This place is epic. Great atmosphere! Line dancing, live music, and boot drinks! How can you resist? This place is known to be a centerpiece of Music City! Darius Rucker will be performing here live on June 8th! Definitely a must see!
  5. Honky Tonk Central: 3 floors, 3 bars, & 3 levels of live Country music is enough to keep you goin’, right? I know it was for me! If you don’t like crowds, I suggest coming during the day, because by night fall this place is swamped! Overall, this is definitely a required spot to go if you’re looking for a good time. There won’t be a dull moment!

11061704_10205570433691845_851534433497181476_nWhat to see:

  1. Gaylord Opryland: This hotel is unbelievable! It’s worth the extra money to splurge on a balcony room, so that you can look out on the atriums (which are gorgeous)! It’s like being outside, but you’re actually not. There is so much to do here! There are two pools, one indoor and one outdoor, and an abundance of restaurants and bars. The only downfall is everything here is pricey. I would recommend venturing out of the hotel to eat!
  2. J Percy Priest Lake: This place took my breath away! We spent most our time between mid-town and downtown, so when we stopped here on our
    way to the airport, I really got a feel for the true beauty of nature in Tennessee! I believe where we stopped was called Hermitage Public Park. It was right next to a rather large dam. Either way, it was worth seeing.
  3. Pickers museum: If you’re a fan of the show Pickers, you will love their museum in Nashville! Calling all antique and archeology lovers! I was slightly disappointed with the size of the museum itself, I thought it would be bigger, but still something to check out!
  4. Nashville zoo: C’mon, who doesn’t love a good zoo? We don’t have elephants at our zoo in NJ, so I was pleasantly surprised! They have an awesome spot where you can walk through the kangaroo’s habitat, where you are literally face to face with them. The Grassmere Historic Home is a centerpiece of the park. The historic home from the early 1800’s and surrounding farm are filled with five generations of stories waiting to be told. Bonus, if you like to garden, there is a a beautiful garden to walk through. The zoo was actually under construction while we were there, making renovations, so we were unable to see some of the animals. Nonetheless, still a worthy zoo and something fun to do with the kids!