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Very sick girl reporting live from the stuffy airport terminal.

So, I’m sitting in the airport, after a short (but beautiful) trip to Florida and as I reminisce on the last two months, all I can say is… I need to a. check myself into a rehab for fat lards b. attend an over-eaters anonymous meeting (if that’s even a thing) or c. go back to the gym and put myself on a serious diet. I think option c is probably the most realistic, but really, who wants to work out? (not this gal)

All I have been doing since Thanksgiving is eating – eating anything & everything (mostly Christmas cookies.) But Christmas cookies are a main part of the holiday essential food group, no?

Also, airport Starbucks are duds & the employees are no better… For the second time, my name is not “Pauly” (i mean really though, do I look like a Pauly?)

To make matters worse, I’m returning home with a vicious cold & I’m completely lethargic (hence the pointless rambling.)

Stay tuned for updates on my non-realistic diet methods.

So long Florida, it’s been real…

Until next time, folks xo