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Kylie Jenner Challenge Gone Wrong.

I woke up this morning completely unaware that this was even a ‘thing’. I’m literally sitting here laughing out loud, in a combination of disgust and amusement, watching the twits of America participate in such a mindless activity (The Kylie Jenner Challenge). Like, what is your life?

75d751f9a131cb20e75e4a2239f95ea7Take a good look at the before and after. Kylie Jenner has obviously had lip injections and is for whatever reason ashamed to admit it. That’s not a magical lip liner and she’s certainly not sucking her lips into a shot glass, everyday. Morons. 

If you take part in the Kylie Jenner Challenge, you deserve those big, ugly, bruised lips. What did you expect to happen, anyway?

The Kardashians are a plague on society and anyone who follows them is not only spiritually dead, but brain dead.

Ya’ll need jesus.

Point being: Stop trying to look like a washed up celebrity. Just love who you are… Every last bit of yourself!