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We were meant to live for so much more.

How many times within the last week have you heard about Blake and Miranda divorcing? Ok, yes, the initial announcement threw me off my rocker and I was sad for a solid 60 seconds. Fact of the matter is, people get divorced everyday – every single day. People get divorced and then, they move on with their lives. My newsfeed is literally flooded with these damn articles… Blake cheated, Miranda cheated, divorce this, divorce that. Why are there polls being thrown around like, “Who’s side are you on? Blake or Miranda?” Who actually cares though? If you do care, you should absolutely re-think what you’re doing with your life. Seriously, get it together. Watch the news or something, because Blake and Miranda splitting up should be the least of your worries.

There’s something that really rubs me the wrong way and that’s how twisted the media is. We live in a society where people are more concerned with what “celebrities” are doing, than actual hardcore news. Step outside of your pretty little narcissistic box and open up your eyes and ears. We live in an ugly world, people. It’s a world divided by hate, a world full of self-destruction, materialistic morons, and senseless mass casualties.

We live in a world, where you can’t go watch a movie with your kids, because a worthless human being will go crazy and pull a gun on you. We live in a world, where you can’t put on a uniform to defend your country, because some ungrateful piece of crap will come to your work and gun you down. We live in a world where you can’t call a handyman for a house call, because he’ll stab you to death. We live in a world, where you can’t feel safe in your own home, because two reckless teenagers will break in and kill your family of five. We live in a world, where a police officer can’t conduct a routine traffic stop, because he’ll be fatally shot.

I can’t wrap my mind around the senseless killing. My heart is shattered. All of my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the latest tragedies.

Far-fetched and unlikely, but maybe one day, our world will find peace. In the words of John Lennon, we were meant to live for so much more.

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Here’s to Diem.

Have you ever watched a television show and felt like you really knew the person/character/whatever? Not in like a psycho-stalker way, but in the way that you’ve watched them for so long and have watched them grow as a person, that you feel like you kinda know them… even though you don’t.

I’m sort of at a loss for words (which never happens.)

Diem Brown, what a true inspiration – the girl never gave up, the definition of a fighter. Always full of positivity. Unfortunately, after a long vigorous bout with cancer, Diem’s beautiful soul has lost it’s fight.

I’m not going to make this long, I just felt a need to acknowledge the life of a courageous woman. Rest in Peace, angel.

On that note, remember how blessed you are. Life is a gift & can be taken away from any one of us at the blink of an eye. Don’t take anything for granted. The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.

“It’s my personal perspective that you live as hard and as vigorously as you can.”

— Diem Brown