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An emotionally devastating plane ride.

Ok, this short post is solely dedicated to the emotional devastation I’m experiencing after watching The Best Of Me (still sobbing.)

Btw, I was watching it ond9c746746398ed30837f939725a8b464 the plane, so you can only imagine what the lurking on-lookers thought (constant sniffles & tear wiping.)

I promise I’m not emotionally unstable, (maybe a little) but these love stories really tug on my heart.

Has anyone seen it? I’m so blindsided by the ending! Seriously, why does Nicholas Sparks do this to me (every time.) My heart hurts.

And can we just talk about James Marsden? Lord have mercy for my thoughts.

Speaking of Nicholas Sparks & his never-ending love fest, are you all aware he’s getting divorced? Ironic, right?

The only thing that ruined the romantic ambiance (as romantic as it can get on an airplane) was the lady sitting in front of me stinking the place up.

“I blame you for thinking it was you who knew what was best for me when it was you thats best for me.”