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Very sick girl reporting live from the stuffy airport terminal.

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So, I’m sitting in the airport, after a short (but beautiful) trip to Florida and as I reminisce on the last two months, all I can say is… I need to a. check myself into a rehab for fat lards b. attend an over-eaters anonymous meeting (if that’s even a thing) or c. go back to the gym and put myself on a serious diet. I think option c is probably the most realistic, but really, who wants to work out? (not this gal)

All I have been doing since Thanksgiving is eating – eating anything & everything (mostly Christmas cookies.) But Christmas cookies are a main part of the holiday essential food group, no?

Also, airport Starbucks are duds & the employees are no better… For the second time, my name is not “Pauly” (i mean really though, do I look like a Pauly?)

To make matters worse, I’m returning home with a vicious cold & I’m completely lethargic (hence the pointless rambling.)

Stay tuned for updates on my non-realistic diet methods.

So long Florida, it’s been real…

Until next time, folks xo

One thought on “Very sick girl reporting live from the stuffy airport terminal.

  1. Orr d. Move to tn and we’ll go to the gym together 😉

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